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You might not ask this to your self very often or this question maybe has never crossed your mind, but I’m talking about is dreams. Why do we dream? What do we dream? What causes us to dream about certain things? And what do dreams mean? Some of these questions are still lifted on solved but scientist are coming close to the answers and many more answers to the questions like these.

In ancient times the Greeks and the Romes believed in the importance of dreams to give information about the past, present, and future events. Proponents believe that we dream to exercise the synapses, or pathways, between brain cells, and that dreaming takes over where the active and awake brain leaves off. When we are awake, our brain transmit and receives messages, which go through billions of our brain cells to their destinations. When we lay down and go to sleep dreams replace this function. Researchers are generally in agreement that working with dreams can provide some beneficial understanding into anxieties and feelings on personal issues. Dreams are unique to each person, and dream imagery is an accumulation of each person’s experiences, memories and feelings throughout life.

I think people see dreams differently because some people don’t know the difference between dreams and reality. When people do know the difference between reality and dreams, they think that their dreams are something that could come true later in life. Others think that dreams are just something that you wish that could happen but don’t believe it could ever happen in life. Dreams can also be nightmares and most people don’t like those and the ones that believe things like that can come true or scared about it. Some people dream about what has already happen and dream about ways that it could have happen differently.

In my personal life some of my dreams have come true but sometimes their different then what I dreamed. Most of the time I dream about the past and what has happened and what could of happened if it was different. I like dreaming about the future and what I would like to do and how my life could be. I know the difference between reality and dreams and some times I wish that my dreams could come true, will at least the good ones. Nightmares as probally everyone, no one likes them. I especially don’t like them because some of them scare me. I also have re according nightmares that happen about the same time every year. I still don’t know why this happens but these dreams never make since to me. Some of them take place when  I was just a little girl but others take place as someone else.

In the play Midsummer Night’s Dream its hard to tell the difference between reality and dreams. This causes alot of things to happen throughout the play. And no one understands what is really going on in life because they get it mixed up with what they dream about.